Jun 12, 2014

E3 2014: World of Tanks update 9.1 introduces temporary Soccer Mode for World Cup


Wargaming today announced World of Tanks Update 9.1 is now available in Europe. Players from Korea will be able to try out new content and features on June 12, with tank commanders from Asia and North America getting the update on June 13 and June 17, correspondingly. Update 9.1 continues the enhancements rolling out for World of Tanks in 2014 by introducing balance improvements and content additions including new in-game awards, World Football Championship game mode and Historical Battles.

The World Football Championship mode features 7-minute 3 vs 3 team battles on a reworked version of Himmelsdorf which has been transformed into a football field. The objective is to score a goal using vehicles and shells and to defend their own goal from enemy players. The only tank available in the new mode is the custom created Tier 1 T-62A Sport that will be given to all registered players for free.

The Siege of Tobruk and Bryansk Front are the two newest legendary tank skirmishes added to Historical Battles along with a new winter map Kharkiv giving players the opportunity to relive even more historical tank encounters. With the addition of new in-game awards, players can now earn achievements specifically for SPG and Team Battles by completing special feats in World of Tanks.

Update 9.1 also features in-game improvements to many iconic maps including Arctic Region, Tundra, Komarin, Windstorm, and Northwest. New displays of distinctive marks have been added for damage caused to vehicles depending on nation and vehicle armament. Balance improvements have been made for a number of Tier IV-VII light tanks including the VK 28.01, M4 Sherman, A-20, MT-25 and certain Tank Destroyers.