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Suvarium adds a New Mode and New Weapons amongst other updates in version 0.26


Survarium MMOFPS Beta has just been updated to v0.26 featuring multiple new additions and improvements to the game, inclduing a new play mode, skilltrees, new weapons, UI redesign and much more. A special attention was paid to optimizing the performance on low graphics settings for the low-end PCs, which yielded the performance boost of 20-30% in some cases. Find the details on the key new features below.


New Play Mode: Team Deathmatch
We continue working on increasing the variety of battles in the PvP mode of Survarium. With the 0.26 update the current two variants of the game mode featuring the batteries hunt the classic Team Deathmatch mode is added. This mode provides for two teams of players fighting until complete eradication of the opposing team. Each of the teams possesses a limited number of points which are lost with the team’s players dying. In case the team has zero points left, the possibility to respawn after death is disabled. Yet, the remaining survivors preserve the possibility to win the battle provided they can bring the enemy team to zero and destroy all their players.


The Skilltree: Shooting and Physical Training
We start integrating into the game the updated system of skilltree for your character. The single skill string has now been replaced with a tree of skills. Each branch contains five levels of skills. The first skill level is always available. In order to unlock the following levels of skills you need to invest a certain number of skill points into the current branch skills. Every skill can be improved from one to five times, depending on the skill type and the bonus yielded with it. Every development branch is designed in a way to fit several play styles.
Thus, the shooting practice branch contains as the skills to increase the shooting accuracy, so as the ones allowing you to move faster while in the aiming mode. On the fifth level you can choose between the ‘Terminator’ skill allowing you to hold two two-handed guns and the ‘Loot-seeker’ skill which replaces the second gun slot with an Item slot.

The physical training branch provides as skills increasing speed and stamina, so as skills increasing the maximal carried weight, grenade throw distance and damage when falling off heights. On the fifth level you can choose between the ‘Dash’ skill allowing you to use sprint even when overloaded and the ‘Heavyweight’ skill which reduces the impact of your carried weight on the running speed, yet removes the possibility to sprint.


New Weapons
With the 0.26 update the weapons arsenal is replenished with a whole string of new weapons. The Fringe Settlement arsenal has been broadened with PP-2000 under the 9-mm caliber, VKS “Vykhlop” specialized sniper large-caliber rifle, so as the large-caliber assault rifle ASh-12. The weapon range of the Renaissance Army is enriched with the legendary self-loading SVD sniper rifle, so as the modern variant of AK-12 Kalashnikov SMG. On top of that, the game offers marksman’s SOCOM 16 rifle available as a battle reward only.


Equipment Profiles
The players obtain a possibility to create several equipment profiles in the game lobby. The equipment profile is a set of weapons, wear items, ammunition and gear you can switch between in battle at the time of respawn. Every switch of equipment will take a certain time, so abusing such a possibility will hardly benefit your results. Please, note if you create profiles with different levels of equipment, the match-making will be accomplished based on the maximal level of gear equipped.


New Victory Screen
We have changed the screen of the battle results in order to provide players with more information on what impacts their reputation, experience as well as income and spending of money in combat. Now the players can see detailed information about which items and ammo their funds are spent on. Besides, by clicking on any character name you can see his complete set of equipment.

Those are not all the changed introduced with the 0.26 Update. If you’d like to check the full list of changes you can do it here.