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Suvarium devs to host a Q&A session on Twitter tomorrow #SurvariumQALive

Jul 23, 2015

With the impending release of Version 0.30 coming to the game soon, we have managed to schedule some time for a live Q&A via twitter with the team. All your questions and reservations regarding Version 0.30 can be asked and answered. However, we must ask that we keep to the topic of Patch V0.30 to best serve the community with as many answers as possible in the time available. Please remember, when asking your questions, use the Hashtag#SurvariumQALive

Suvarium comes to Steam Early Access on April 2nd

Mar 31, 2015

After several years on its own, Vostok Games is bringing Suvarium to Steam via Steam Early Access. This free-to-play MMOFPS is still in Beta. And they’re still looking for feedback while developing the game.

Vostok Games releases information on Suvarium’s upcoming “Freeplay” mode

Feb 09, 2015

Suvarium developer, Vostok Games has had a beta for the PvP element of Suvarium for some time now. And two highly anticipated modes have been coming, PvE and Freeplay. The developers are finally talking about the new Freeplay mode and what it will offer, signaling a sooner than thought release.

Suvarium goes Open Beta for Europe now

Jan 05, 2015

Vostok Games are pleased to announce another important stage in the development of the Survarium project. Starting from January 5, 2015 the game is available to all the European players as Open Beta has been officially unveiled now!

Suvarium adds a New Mode and New Weapons amongst other updates in version 0.26

Dec 16, 2014

Survarium MMOFPS Beta has just been updated to v0.26 featuring multiple new additions and improvements to the game, inclduing a new play mode, skilltrees, new weapons, UI redesign and much more. A special attention was paid to optimizing the performance on low graphics settings for the low-end PCs, which yielded the performance boost of 20-30% in some cases. Find the details on the key new features below.