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Dec 17, 2014

Grey Goo “Firmament” Story Trailer


The award-winning, independent developers at Petroglyph today released two new videos for their upcoming sci-fi real-time strategy game, Grey Goo, published by Grey Box. Diving into the backstory for Grey Goo and the inspiration for its creation, both pieces offer a different kind of origin tale for this classically designed but forward-thinking adventure.

The first feature – “Firmament” – takes us to the stars for a look at one of Grey Goo’s three main factions: the Betas. This animated trailer sets up this tragic race of peaceful spacefarers, who were forced from their homeworld to the edges of the galaxy by a terrible, unstoppable threat. After finding new sanctuary on Ecosystem 9, these survivors now struggle to rebuild, though never forget all that they have lost. “Firmament” is the first major Grey Goo lore trailer, with more planned in the future.

Developed by many of the people responsible for defining the traditional RTS experience with franchises like Command & Conquer, Grey Goo in many ways comes from a love and respect for an old way of playing games, one which blends deep tactics with accessible design.]