Jan 16, 2015

Grey Goo’s Launch Trailer is intense


With only seven days to go until the release of Grey Goo, developer Petroglyph has partnered with Grey Box to reveal the exciting official launch trailer for this original sci-fi real-time strategy game.

Equal parts world-building and destruction, this new video sets the stage for the events of Grey Goo, igniting with the collision of three species – the Betas, the Humans and the enigmatic Goo. Each race went to the stars with a purpose… but now the only purpose that matters is survival. You can see the frightening shape of the future for yourself here:

And if you’ve missed it previously, the Grey Goo factions video series goes deeper into the unique identities and motivations of the three races shown in the launch trailer, providing a detailed unit and base breakdown for each side in this conflict.