Feb 04, 2015

Dreadnought Pre-Alpha Gameplay offers 10 Minutes of Commentary


Today we’re very proud to share an all-new gameplay video from Grey Box and YAGER’s Dreadnought, the aerial armada action game scheduled for release on PC later this year. This video gives a quick look at the exciting new content fans came in hordes to experience firsthand at PAX South last month, where the game was playable to the public for only the second time. It features commentary from Eino Joas and Timm Boukoura, two of the game’s designers playing on opposite teams, as they discuss the many varied tactics players will be able to deploy over the course of a battle, including when to change ships and how to manage your powers.

The ten-and-a-half-minute 5v5 Team Deathmatch enclosed takes place on Dreadnought’s glacier map, playable for the first time at PAX South. It showcases two new ships: the Light Destroyer (assault), one of the most aggressive classes in the game, and the Light Tactical Cruiser (support), which can repair friendly ships and attack enemies. You can also spot the Artillery Cruiser (sniper), Corvette (scout) and Dreadnought (heavy) in the battle. These vessels represent just a few of the ships that will be selectable for each class when the game goes live.

This video also shows off some powerful new weapons and abilities for players to customize their ships with, including the Plasma Ram ability (used here by the Destroyer) and Rapid Fire (used by the Artillery Cruiser), as well as the Beam Amplifier and Target Warp (used by the Tactical Cruiser). These skills can be applied alongside an arsenal of broadside shots, torpedoes, anti-missile lasers, tactical nukes and more, givingDreadnought players dozens of different ways to wage ship-to-ship warfare.