Sep 24, 2015

Meet Battleborn’s bad guy, Lothar Rendain

Battleborn’s bad guy, Lothar Rendain has a message for the citizens of the last star. That message: Nothing can save you from what’s coming; you are going to die.

Today, the creators of Borderlands – 2K and Gearbox Software – released a statement from the office of the Lord Commander, as well as an all-new trailer that sheds light on Battleborn’s big baddie’s personality and gives players a taste of what they’ll be up against when they play the game’s Story Mode on February 9, 2016. An epic science-fantasy story is only as good as its villain, and Gearbox has a strong pedigree of creating memorable, misunderstood villains that players love to hate. Rendain is one such villain, and while this thoughtful tyrant is dedicated to his cause, he thinks that what he’s doing is for a good reason, and that reason isn’t entirely selfish. And of course, staying true to the studio’s way of telling stories, even Battleborn’s bad guy is infused with Gearbox’s trademark humor!