Oct 13, 2016

Battleborn’s first Story Operation “Attikus and the THRALL Rebellion” and New PVP Mode “Face-Off” come to the game today

2K and Gearbox Software are releasing today Battleborn’s first DLC Story Operation, Attikus and the THRALL Rebellion, and the new competitive multiplayer mode, Face-Off. Since Battleborn’s launch, we’ve striven to improve and expand the game with free characters, maps, broadcaster tools and many other updates, continuing the promise we made of developing free content post-launch for our community. We continue to deliver on that promise with today’s release of Face-Off, an exciting new free competitive multiplayer mode that will test the skills of both PVE and PVP players alike.

Face-Off: In this intense, multi-phase 5v5 mode, players will hunt and kill Varelsi, collecting their masks and depositing them for points near the center of the map. Of course, you have to avoid being killed by the opposing team, who can steal some of these masks for themselves if they KO you before you’re able to deposit them. The team to 500 points first wins the match. Additional details can be found on Face-Off’s official blog post.

Attikus and the THRALL Rebellion: The first story operation is also launching today as part of the Season Pass ($19.99 or $4.99 separately) and tells the story of Attikus and what motivated him to fight in the Thrall uprising through the slums of the planet, Tempest. The all-new operation includes new skins, taunts and chances to earn Faction Commander Packs. This story operation is also highly replayable with dialogue, enemies, and objectives changing depending on the current playthrough, and each time a player relives the Thrall Rebellion, they can unlock new lore, skins, titles, and taunts. Please find additional details on the official blog post for the new story operation here.

For full details on today’s announcement as well as a look at what’s coming next, please see the official blog post: