Oct 14, 2015

H1Z1 update for October brings ATVs, Hospitals, and the first Female Zombie

Daybreak Games has just released a hoard of fresh features for its zombie survival game, H1Z1.

H1Z1’s first female zombie, voiced by prominent Twitch streamer LegendaryLea, leads the pack in this latest game update.

The update also introduces Kurama Medical, a unique facility with various content loops that span its interior and exterior. Along with medicines and supplies, players can piece together the stories of those who sought refuge in the hospital during its final days before it was overrun and abandoned. Following these clues will offer not only insight into the fall of Kurama Medical, but also useful items to help players avoid the unfortunate fates of those trapped inside.

ATVs are now available for traversing H1Z1‘s vast landscapes, though player safety while riding on these exposed machines is not guaranteed.

Finally, this most recent update adds new ways to obtain items in H1Z1. The Item Exchange System lets players bundle items together to trade for even rarer treasures. Some ultra-rare items are only available through the Item Exchange system. There’s also the new Mercenary Crate, giving players the opportunity to obtain the new ghillie suits and their corresponding skins, ultra rare skins for the AR15, one of the most popular weapons in Battle Royale mode, and more.

H1Z1 takes players to a world besieged by zombies – and the desperate last survivors of humanity – following the outbreak of the H1Z1 virus. Players fight for their lives against the living and the dead by scavenging for resources, crafting items, building shelters, and outwitting their opponents. In addition to this core survival experience, H1Z1 features PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale, a fast-paced, nail-biting, last-man-standing competition against other survivors.

H1Z1 is currently in Steam Early Access. For more information, please visit the official website at, or the H1Z1 Steam page.