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Oct 20, 2015

KontrolFreek puts out a sci-fi set of thumbsticks with the FPS Freek Galaxy


Inspired by this year’s popular space-themed video games, KontrolFreek has launched the all new FPS Freek Galaxy. Created to fit the needs of all first- and third-person-shooter games, the Galaxy pays homage to games like Destiny: The Taken King, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5: Guardians and more.

The FPS Freek Galaxy was designed to provide superior grip, agility and precision with a laser-etched star-burst pattern imprinted into KontrolFreek’s proprietary thumb-pad design. Most notably, the purple-on-silver thumbsticks come in two heights – one shorter, 5.7mm stick and a taller 10.4mm stick.

Throughout the design process, KontrolFreek referenced customer feedback, which showed that many gamers prefer two varying heights on their thumbsticks. This height combination is ideal for use with first- and –third-person-shooter games. The shorter left stick allows easy maneuverability when running and moving, while the taller right stick facilitates increased accuracy while shooting or sniping. 

“When our customers talk, we listen,” said Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek. “Gamers let us know that they wanted dual-height thumbsticks with concave thumb-pads, so we went to work. The Galaxy gives customers the design they want and the quality they expect from KontrolFreek.” 

This new product launches right on the heels of the new, officially licensed KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks. Which we also reviewed recently.

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