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Layers of Fear now available on Xbox One Game Preview


You can now buy Layers of Fear as a Game Preview title on Xbox One, at a price of $12.99. Similar to Steam’s Early Access, this version will let you get into the action before the final release.

Why would you want to do that? Simple – the game already feels like a finished product. It’s just about 80% complete and features two to three hours of polished gameplay. The upcoming updates will mostly focus on bug fixes and adding additional content. You will also have a part in the production process – we listen to all of the feedback we receive. Your ideas and constructive criticism are taken into consideration and can impact the shape of the finished product.

Layers of Fear has attained an Overwhelmingly Positive review rating of 97%  on Steam based on more than 1500 voices.

Layers of Fear is out now on Steam Early Access for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, as well as the Game Preview program for Xbox One.