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Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC Review

Aug 05, 2016

Layers of Fear: Inheritance is a great compliment to Layers of Fear, as it came out at the right time and is a rare instance where the DLC exceeds the quality and storytelling of the core game. Layers of Fear ended up being more about jump scares and mind-bending visual tricks while telling its tale of insanity-ridden artist. Together, these games form the cleverly named Masterpiece Edition, and are two different games that creates very effective gameplay.

Layers of Fear Review

Feb 16, 2016

A block in creativity whether it be writing, art, or even music, can be enough to drive anyone mad. Layers of Fear from Bloober Team SA does a decent job at exploring mental illness with a horror backdrop. Layers of Fear is a unique, gorgeous, scare-a-minute thrillride that’ll have you on-edge the whole way through, but disappointingly lacks any kind of sophisticated scares, or with the type of finality where the player has actually learned something by the game’s conclusion.

Layers of Fear now available on Xbox One Game Preview

Oct 23, 2015

You can now buy Layers of Fear as a Game Preview title on Xbox One, at a price of $12.99. Similar to Steam’s Early Access, this version will let you get into the action before the final release.