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SPINTIRES receives biggest update yet


IMGN.PRO together with Oovee Game Studios are pleased to announce that the long-awaited update for SPINTIRES is live now!

The update brings five new trucks to the game:

  • B-66
  • B-131
  • C-4310
  • D-537
  • K-700

Another frequently requested feature introduced by the patch is the animated physical driver in all vehicles. You can watch him turning the steering wheel, changing gears, operating hand-brake and reacting to the forces affecting the truck.

The update improves also the graphics, audio and gameplay. New tire track system, increased mud detalization and various special effects are the most significant visual upgrades. Sound of each truck has been remastered to be 100% realistic, selected environment audio effects also had undergone major tweaking. Most importantly all major bugs from the previous builds were killed.

Last but not least, in few weeks another update introducing the full Steam Workshop implementation is going to be released. SPINTIRES will officially support mods!

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We’ve reviewed Spintires and enjoyed its technical capabilities and gameplay.

SPINTIRES is an advanced off-road transport simulation. Players will have the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of different Soviet vehicles, completing missions focused around the delivery of a log cargo, to the point of their destination. The game will take place in a scenery of a typical Russian wilderness from late 80’s.