Dec 08, 2015

Watch the “Mighty Punch” in action in new trailer for Bombshell

Watch Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison obliterate hordes of alien scum in this short 45-second teaser showcasing the most brutal of her 4 player abilities — Mighty Punch.

Bombshell has a total of 4 abilities that you upgrade throughout the campaign:

  1. Power Slide – Side into cover and under obstacles at high speed
  2. Mighty Punch – Blow your enemies away and punch them to pulp
  3. Bubble Shield – Project an energy aura around you, blocking all damage
  4. Power Sword – Elegantly slice and dice your opponents into pieces.

Abilities become more powerful with each upgrade. Not only statistically, but functionally. For example, Mighty Punch at Level 4 enables a targeting reticle, which makes it easier for players to lead their targets predictively. Especially useful when combatting Masticon Jumptroopers, who will use their jetpack thrusters to dodge Shelly’s offensive abilities.