Jan 04, 2016

Bombshell reunites with “Old Friends” and official voice actor revealed in new trailer

Today, 3DRealms announces the final casting for the leading role of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison as Valerie Arem, of Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax and Call of Duty fame.

And of course, our villain Professor Jadus Heskel is in the capable and familiar hands of Jon St. John, better known as the voice of Duke Nukem.

When asked what it’s like playing a villain, Jon said (with a grin) “It’s fun to be playing a villain for once in Bombshell. There’s something deeply satisfying about exploring the more devious parts of my psyche!”

We’ve also revealed Planet Zeroth and The Planet Eater on our Facebook page over the past few weeks, along with some of the new enemy types you’ll encounter on those worlds.