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Jan 07, 2016

Twitch has gotten through 50% of Punch Club, join and finish the fight for the game to be released

In order to own Punch Club, you have to assist the rest of the Twitch viewers in completing Punch Club. The game has been completed about 50% right now, but not until is it completed will the game get released. Get started here:

  • Punch Club is our 90s-styled boxing management sim that we’ve been teasing since summer 2015
  • Supported by Twitch, Twitch Plays Punch Club sees Twitch livestreaming viewers play through the game together using hashtag commands to vote in the Twitch chat on what should happen in the game (à la Twitch Plays Pokemon)
  • Here’s the twist: When Twitch Beats Punch Club, the game will launch on Steam (iOS will follow soon after). The fate of the game is in the hands of the Twitch chat
  • Punch Club can also be pre-ordered at 20% off on Steam
  • Oh, and whenever Twitch wins a fight, a Steam key for the game is dropped into the Twitch chat