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New ‘Furi’ screenshots show off bright colors and beautiful artwork


New screenshots have been released for Furi (coming to PS4 and PC later in 2016), being developed by The Game Bakers. Character design is being done by Takashi Okazaki, most notable for his work on Afro Samurai. While not much is known about Furi beyond being a frenetic hack ‘n’ slash fighting game, the artwork is simply stunning to look at.

The game is described as not being an ordinary fighting game. Battles will take place in multi-stages and bosses will transform and even change fighting styles, so the player has to adapt each time. With what these screenshots show, it will be a game that looks to demand high dexterity and a cognitive ability to change your thinking of how to attack these bosses once the fighting style shifts.

The Game Bakers have worked on numerous iOS and Wii U games, and Furi will be their first foray onto PS4 and PC. There’s a lot of surprises for 2016 ahead, and I think Furi will be one of them. We look forward to covering more of Furi soon.