Feb 10, 2016

Last Days of Old Earth shows the Basics of Strategy before coming to Steam Early Access

Since the 20th century, humanity has feared the possibility of a third World War leading to a nuclear apocalypse, but we underestimated the power and unpredictability of nature. In the far future our Sun inexplicably but rapidly cools and the remnants of mankind struggle for life in an inhospitable environment. To make things worse, mankind also faces a mysterious and ruthless threat – the Automata.

Today we can officially announce that Last Days of Old Earth enters Steam Early Access on March 3. This immersive and deep game is a unique mix of tactical strategy and card elements from developer Auroch Digital, and launches with single-player skirmish mode, a tutorial to get you up-to-speed on the basics, and a competitive multiplayer system.

Early Access players will have the chance to test both factions and dozens of heroes and units on randomly generated maps, in both single and multiplayer. Major content updates bringing new game mechanics and modes are already planned, and the developers are keen to respond to feedback from the community to fine-tune every aspect of Last Days of Old Earth.