Feb 13, 2016

Super Galaxy Squadron EX coming soon, in the meantime donates $10k of its proceeds to Child’s Play charity

Super Galaxy Squadron EX a.k.a. “The People’s Shmup” is finally ready for launch (next week). The remastered version of New Blood & Synset’s (not a) bullet-hell shooter that took everyone by surprise last year has been rebuilt from the ground up with all new art, all new audio, all new modes, but the same SUPER squadron of 14 playable ships.

As you may know, proceeds from the original Super Galaxy Squadron benefited Child’s Play Charity and as we get ready to launch Super Galaxy Squadron EX, we are proud to be making a $10,000 donation thanks to everyone who purchased the game last year! You’ve all made the galaxy a better place for sick kids the world over. \o/

Moreover – everyone who already owns Super Galaxy Squadron on Steam will be upgraded to Super Galaxy Squadon EX for FREE and have the option to launch either the new or classic version of the game. Those who are new to the Squadron can get SGS: EX for $9.99 or for just $7.99 during launch – as well as Random Encounter’s original soundtrack for just $1.99 extra. That’s $10 total for the only shmup on Steam you can probably beat in one sitting as well as the music to go with it. A good deal in any galaxy.