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Forge app on PC lets you record and share your gameplay moments easily


Forge, Inc., a new company founded by former WeGame CEO Jared Kim, today announced the worldwide launch of the Forge public beta. Forge is a simple way for everyday PC gamers to connect and share short-form gaming clips. The app is available to download for free for Windows PC at

Forge instantly and automatically records all gameplay once a game is launched. Players can then easily clip and share their favorite highlights to the Forge network and other popular platforms like Twitter – all without exiting their game. Forge runs quietly and seamlessly in the background, with no additional hardware, and no ads.

Forge Key Features:

  • Never Miss a Moment: As soon as a game is launched, Forge instantly and automatically records all gameplay footage into a convenient archive.

  • Game, Uninterrupted: Clip and share your moments without exiting your game by using the in-game highlighter.

  • Short, Looping Clips: Clip 5-30 second videos of the best gaming moments. Show off your wins, fails, your new character costume, or a funny glitch.

  • Share Everywhere: Share your favorite highlights directly to the Forge network, Twitter, Facebook and more, or embed your highlights in your blog.

  • Free: Ad-free and costs nothing

“WeGame only scratched the surface of what is possible when you enable gamers to share,” said Jared Kim, CEO and founder of Forge, Inc. “I’m excited for the opportunity to finish what I started eight years ago.”

Jared Kim is a pioneer of seamless video capture and social media integration and former founder of WeGame, dubbed a “YouTube for gamers” in 2008. WeGame was the first platform that enabled gamers to both easily capture and share gaming videos online, and was acquired in 2011. Kim left school at 19 to pursue his passion, and his enduring dedication to building a better social experience for gaming is why Forge exists today. Forge is simple, easy-to-use, and enables everyday gamers to connect and share their moments with each other anywhere.