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Megalo Polis gets an update while on Steam Early Access

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Black Sheep is happy to announce a major gameplay update to Megalo Polis, its lighthearted strategy satire look at the 2016 US presidential election, currently available on Steam Early Access.

Important Updates & Improvements:

  • Campaign Choices – Being president is all about making the right choices, so after each mission you can decide whether to allow support of a movie star, launch a mass mailing, include military support in your stump speech, etc. Be careful though, every decision you make can either be beneficial or detrimental to your campaign!
  • Character and Party Stats – Each candidate now has their own specific bonus and malus, as does the party you choose. These combined can alter the way you take on each map. For instance, a short time bonus on rich districts will further drive home your campaign in Maryland and Delaware!
  • Mission Objectives – At the start of each mission you are presented with objectives for each zone of the mission, from one to seven per mission. You can still win each mission without completing these objectives, but if you do, you’ll win a special action card. These action cards will go into your deck, where you can choose one card to accompany you in your next mission. Play aggressively or defensively based on your liking!

A satirical RTS, Megalo Polis challenges you to defeat your fellow candidates and capture the nation’s attention, all while fighting the clock and managing your campaign budget. It’s time to rub elbows, oversell your scant promises, and engineer a few scandals―because nobody gets into the White House without playing a little dirty!

Find Megalo Polis on Steam Early Access: