May 10, 2016

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics turns out of Steam Early Access into full release today

Strategy has a new name and it’s damn TASTEE. Recruit a team of volatile mercs, plan your assault, and take down the Cartel in TASTEE: Lethal Tactics, available today on Steam.

With simultaneous tactics, there are no back-and-forth turns. Both sides command their units and watch the results of that turn unfold at once. It’s not enough to react to your opponents. You have to anticipate, adapt, and execute your plan with precision.

Select your team from 12 mercenaries, each with a unique special ability and weapon of choice. Whether you’re into massive explosions or stealthy takedowns, you’ll have the flexibility to devise your own strategies and neutralize the opposition.

Take on the Cartel in a 30-mission single-player campaign of ruthless, close-quarters gunfights, or challenge live opponents in competitive multiplayer featuring global leaderboards, optional asynchronous play, and 10 maps with randomized environments.

From Skybox Labs (Age of Empires II HD expansions) and selected as a MomoCon Indie Game Award Showcase finalist, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics launches today for PC.