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Nov 08, 2016

Party Hard to Party Harder with new DLC and co-op multiplayer

tinyBuild has passed over the details of updates coming to Party Hard as well as the new DLC, “Party Harder”. We gave Party Hard high marks in our review, and the new story DLC will give us more of what we loved.

This week we’re doing a huge update to Party Hard, cleverly titled “Party Harder”. The update adds new features to the main game, and introduces a new story DLC.

Quick-details & links

  • Party Hard on Steam
  • New Party Harder Update Trailer
  • Large update coming to Steam November 10th (this Thursday)
  • Expands twitch integration, adds local multiplayer, newlevels & more
  • Features a Youtube-safe OST
  • iOS & Google Play versions launching November 10th

Updates to the main game

  • Local Co-Op — All campaign levels are playable in local co-op
  • New OST — Youtube-safe
  • New Twitch System — allows chat to control NPCs during the game, featuring a cross-stream points system

Story DLC

  • 10 years after the events of Party Hard, the Party Hard Killer is up to a new adventure
  • Features a new mini-story campaign and several large, scrollable levels

OST will finally be purchasable 

  • We have rewritten the OST for Party Hard and it will be purchasable
  • The initial OST will still be in the game as an option, the issue with it is license copyright strikes on Youtube – whenever people would make videos, they’d get a claim. Even though we own all the proper licenses, the way Youtube’s system works is guilty until proven otherwise. Apologies to everyone who had this issue.