Dec 16, 2016

Planet Coaster gets Free Winter Update to celebrate the holidays

Frontier Developments will today launch the free Planet Coaster Winter Update for PC.

Celebrate the holidays in Planet Coaster with all new winter décor and share your festive creations with the world. Expand on the assortment of rides and test your management skills with three brand new scenarios.

The Planet Coaster Winter Update brings the new Candyland wall set and a host of winter scenery to Planet Coaster, together with the new Arctic environment, new shops, a new mascot and much more, including:

New Rides

  • Collider. A retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel rising to an angle of 87 degrees.
  • Bumpin’ Derby. A long-time favorite has found its way into Planet Coaster.

New Transport/Tracked Rides

  • Sleigh Ride
  • Iron Horse

New Scenarios

  • Festive King Coaster’s Crackers will let you earn up to nine more stars.

New Shops

  • Cosmic Cow Ice Cream
  • Gulpee Soda
  • Missy Good Donuts
  • Pipshot Water, Juice and Smoothie Bars
  • Pizza Pen

Winter Theme and Scenery Objects

  • Snow/Ice Biome
  • Snow Scenery. Create realistic snow-covered areas and build your own snowman!
  • Gingerbread wall set
  • Winter Scenery. Decorate your park with a tree or choir.
  • And of course, the Festive King Coaster!

For further details, visit the Planet Coaster community forum.

See the new Planet Coaster Winter Update trailer. For press assets, including new Winter Update screens, visit

Planet Coaster is available now on Steam and for £29.99 ($44.99, €37.99).