Dec 22, 2016

Zombie Vikings: Stab-a-thon is a free-to-play brawler, now on Steam

Zombie Vikings: Stab-a-thon. A free-to-play game based on the Zombie Vikings universe! Fight each other in this all new brawler game where you unlock new weapons and runes while deciding who’s the best fighter of all!

Play as the most fearsome Vikings ever raised from Norse soil in this brawler game with up to 4 players. Pick your weapon and your character and you’re ready to fight your friends (or enemies) in arenas like Fishgaard and Berzerker Factory. Or why not play a game of the traditional and historically accurate game of Söcker?

Key Features

  • Battle your friends in this completely free brawler game!

  • Compete in the ancient Viking game known as Söcker

  • Fight in arenas like Hellheim, Berzerker Factory and Fishgaard.

  • Unlock new weapons and use them to smash your friends on their heads!

  • Equip magic runes to gain new abilities

Stab-a-thon is out now and it is totally free so head over to Steam and try it out right now!