Mar 16, 2017

Moribund, the local multiplayer brawl game from Traptics is releasing version 1.0 today onto Steam

Known as Traptics, we are a game development team based in Athens, Greece, that love their game systems as deep as the history that surrounds them. You can get better acquainted with our style through Hunters Of The Dead (Steam) and Game Of Legions (Google Play / Windows Phone), our previous works.

ou are 4 friends. On a couch. You have 4 controllers. All you need is a post-apocalyptic excuse to duke it out. Only you never thought you’d love a fungi spewing gun that always leads to the same end result: glorious dismemberment. Moribund is a local multiplayer game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a highly aggressive fungus strain has devoured most of the life. The gameplay is fast paced and has an “easy to learn, hard to master” approach. Two to four players can play simultaneously.


  • 15 super hard single player challenges.
  • A wide variety of multiplayer levels (80 levels split over 8 settings, each with its own graphical environment, mechanics, and music track).
  • Two multiplayer game modes (Free for all and Team battle).
  • Eight characters each with his own unique personality and voice acting.
  • Several stage mechanics promising unique and hilarious deaths.
  • The glorious rag doll. The pillar of the game allowing ever-unique dismemberments and deaths.

Get the game on Steam: