Apr 20, 2017

Kriegsmarine DLC released for Order of Battle today

When Order of Battle moved to free-to-play just under a year ago, Slitherine and The Artistocrats officially started a move to offer wargames to a vast audience with the goal to attract new players to the challenges and complexities of deep turn-based strategy games. The success of this undertaking has sparked a completely new life for the franchise. Hundreds of thousands of players have downloaded the free version and tackled Pacific operations as well as European Theater scenarios. 

Order of Battle has fundamentally become a platform with an impressive amount of content and players around the globe can pick and choose the single campaigns they want to play.

With the release of Kriegsmarine, Order of Battle fans will get two things:

  • Free update that revolutionises the game’s naval warfare system: new mechanics are added to improve the playability of naval battles: hit avoidance, fire efficiency, new submarine rules, primary & secondary guns – the number of changes and improvements is massive
  • Set of new scenarios featuring unique and varied situations, from amphibious assaults, surface and submarine convoy raiding and large scale naval battles in the Baltic, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, 50 new units and brand unit type: seaplane tenders, which can carry and resupply seaplanes
All this for only $9.99: