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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars gets Huge Content Update this week

Lord Zedd

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, nWay’s synchronous multiplayer fighting game, has been downloaded more than 12 million times on iOS and Android with tens of millions of matches played in the three weeks since launching. There’s also a huge content update morphin its way into the game today that adds new characters and arenas – including the Green Ranger.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Content Update Details 

New League

  • League 6 – Harwood County War Zone League 6 at 3400 Medals

New Warriors

  • Now available in League 6 –  Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver
  • Rare Leader: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
  • Epic Assist: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
  • Epic Leader: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
  • Epic Assist: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
  • Rare Leader: Super Samurai Master Xandred
  • Rare Assist: Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver

New Theatre Mode 1.0

Watch replays of exciting matches from the best players in the Power Ranger Legacy Wars community.

Combat Rebalancing

  • Rarity Balance: Adjustments to the starting health and attack stats of higher level rarity
  • Block Frequency: Reduced the frequency of blocking and tuned to match warrior class
  • Dash Push Reduction: Reduced the amount of push character can do into each other
  • Various Character Balance: Many tuning adjustments based on player feedback and match history.


  • Morph Box UI: Polished Morph Box Open and Closed states
  • Morph Box Payouts: New Warrior drop rates have been raised, improved rewards from Ultra Morph Boxes and League 5 Morph Boxes.
  • Alliance: Easier to find open Alliances at the top of the list
  • Various bug fixes and network stability improvements

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