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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars gets update to allow for Direct Matching

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, nWay’s synchronous multiplayer fighting game, is continuing its hot streak with a brand-new content update introducing the greatly requested “Direct Match” feature that allows friends or guild members to directly fight each other. More series favorite characters such as the White Ranger from Dino Thunder are joining the fight today, too!

Here’s some more details on what’s new with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars:

  • “Direct Match” Feature: Players can directly match with friends by first sharing a unique code with each other and then creating or joining a match outside of normal matchmaking
    • Players can also hone their skills amongst guild members by requesting a friendly match
  • Powerful New Warriors:
    • Legendary White Ranger from Dino Thunder
    • The monstrous Mesogog
    • The brilliant Purple Ranger
  • New Mesogog Island Arena: The mountainous sea-fortress where Mesogog and his evil lackeys conduct their experiments
  • Game Balancing and Bug Fixes: A slew of combat rebalances, bug fixes and network stability improvements

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