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Thimbleweed Park gets update to add Russian subtitles, hide inside jokes, and allow for Xbox Play Anywhere

Terrible Toybox has released an update to existing versions of Thimbleweed Park and a note that the iOS and Android versions of the game is coming soon.

From Press Release Email:

Greetings from beautiful sunny mysterious Thimbleweed Park! Since our March 30 release, Thimbleweed Park’s developers have been hard at work on behind-the-scenes additions you and your readers may want to know about. Here’s the latest:


  • iOS and Android versions of Thimbleweed Park are on the horizon!


  • Thimbleweed Park now has Xbox Play Anywhere support — that means if you own the Xbox version you also own the Windows 10 version, and vice versa.
  • Russian subtitles were added in a recent update. Наконец-то! Russian screenshots are included in the assets zip here:
  • An “annoying in-jokes” toggle has been added to the game menu. Intrigued by Thimbleweed Park but not a mega-fan of all the Lucasfilm games that came before it? Now you can enjoy Thimbleweed Park without a bunch of geeky adventure game references getting in the way.

Thimbleweed Park is a USD $19.99 download from the following stores: