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Jun 22, 2017

Tracks – The Train Set Game is coming to Steam Early Access in the next few months

From Press Release:

Tracks – The Train Set Game is a unique wooden train track builder – and it’s coming soon! New development team Whoop Group has teamed up with Excalibur Games in order to publish Tracks, which sets out to revitalise players’ childhood memories.

The game features an easy-to-use, yet in-depth track-builder, allowing players to create the train set of their dreams – and then ride them in first person. Various level types, such as bedrooms, allow players to build around objects and integrate their design with the environment. Sweetening the nostalgic deal, we’re looking into allowing players to upload and share their creations with others using the Steam Workshop. We will release more information on this once we have conducted tests to see if this is possible for Tracks.

Tracks – The Train Set Game is open ended, like many building games, in free play mode – though the title does feature objective-based scenarios. Set goals will see the player tasked with creating and running their own rail system that accommodates the needs of commuters, for instance. Another objective, for example, will see the player forced to balance speed with vehicle stability in order to safely and efficiently transport heavy cargo. Tracks – The Train Set Game simulates your little train’s weight and momentum, challenging players to manage their load.

Tracks – The Train Set Game will launch in Early Access in the coming months.