Nov 15, 2018

Tracks – The Train Set Game receives largest update yet, with more trains, junctions, and languages

From Press Release:

Tracks – The Train Set Game today receives one of its largest updates yet, delivering the most frequently requested fan feature: multiple trains. Players will now be able to add more than one train to their sets, choosing between trains to drive.

Complementing this feature of multiple trains are junctions. These allow your trains to automatically be guided down different paths, while players build the quirky towns and sprawling countryside of their dreams.

Tracks – The Train Set Game also today makes its debut in Simplified Chinese, Russian and German. We’re thrilled to bring the game to new audiences so that even more players can experience the wonderfully simplistic train set builder. To celebrate, Tracks is 25% off on Steam until 21st November.

A wealth of new objects have also been added, providing further items for players to adorn their towns with, including taxis, buses, scooters, a school bus, a train shed, a wind turbine, a sailboat and a crane.

Details of the update can be found here: