Aug 07, 2017

Motorsport Manager gets Challenge Pack and Free Update today

From Press Release:

Are you up to the challenge? The season has taken a horrific turn for the worse. During the tenth race your star driver was involved in a severe crash and is confined to the infirmary for the next few races: can you put everything in place for an epic comeback? Find out with the latest DLC for Motorsport Manager. SEGA® Europe Ltd. and Playsport Games™ confirm the new DLC and free update for Motorsport Manager PC will be available to pre-purchase starting today with a 10% discount, before releasing on Monday, August 21st.

The Challenge Pack DLC, which will release alongside a free update, includes 12 new challenges, some taking inspiration from motor racing history. The challenges range from having to deal with the controversially proposed rule of race sprinklers, your factory burning down hindering you from making new parts, or having to manage the Chairman’s frat-boy son who is now your lead driver! Each challenge lasts for a different amount of time, from a single race to an entire season, and will put the most experienced motorsport manager to the test.

The free update, The Devil is in the Detail, is sure to bring drama and increase the tension with more in-depth features than ever before, including lap charts, weight stripping and dynamic driver mistakes on the track. Weight stripping is a new mechanic within the game that allows the player to shave weight off parts to increase performance, adding loads of last-minute reliability drama! Much-requested by the community, managers can now save and load car setups too.

To hear more about both the new DLC and the free update check out the latest video from the development team, Team Radio, with Luke Finlay-Maxwell, Designer, Playsport Games.