Aug 15, 2017

Tokyo 42 is now available on PlayStation 4

From Press Release:

SMAC Games and Mode 7 are overjoyed to announce the release of Tokyo 42 on PS4.

The game is live in the EU and US PSN regions, with Japan following on August 17th.  It costs $19.99 or regional equivalent.

Is Tokyo 42 A Clone of a 1987 ZX Spectrum Game? 

No, it’s not.  We strongly refute the claims made my Mark Followill.  You can read our response here.

About Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 is a hyper-stylish isometric open-world shooter. Framed for a murder you didn’t commit, you’ll delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue and tactical cats.

Spin the camera to see every angle of this beautifully hand-crafted micro Tokyo, as you discover a huge range of weapons, secrets and stories.

Skillful shooting, bullet physics, sneaky stealth and crowd simulation all play a role in this ultra-colourful kinetic frenzy.

A single player open-world story mode and compelling multiplayer deathmatch arenas await in this unique and critically acclaimed action masterpiece.

In case you missed it, here’s our review of Tokyo 42 on PC