Aug 30, 2017

Arrow Heads from development studio Oddbird shows Customization options ahead of PAX West showing

From Press Release:

Developed by Toronto-based indie studio OddBird, Arrow Heads features a vast array of customizations that can be unlocked in-game, including 6 different characters, 8 bows, and 10 unique arrow types. Whether you’re competing against other players online or playing with your best frenemy on the couch next to you, you can defeat your opponents in style with projectile fish, weaponized unicorns and other bizarre arrows! What’s more embarrassing than getting taken out from afar by a ham-arrow?

With plenty of unlockables and hundreds of combinations, which will you choose?

Additionally, Arrow Heads will also be part of Microsoft’s Pre-PAX ID@Xbox Open House tomorrowAugust 31, 2017 in Redmond, WA.