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Offensive Combat: Redux! to receive updates through end of year, calendar lists planned updates

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From Press Release:

Three Gates and SlapShot Games announced the update schedule for their recently released FPS game, Offensive Combat: Redux!™. The schedule includes 4 DLC packages, which will add a new map each month (two maps in September), new character skins, pwns and more:

The companies also opened the Latin American servers meaning people from South America and Central America can now play the game on their own dedicated servers.

Offensive Combat: Redux! Update Schedule

Since Launch

  • Additional leaderboards for Kills enabling us to do weekly and monthly contests for Kills and Pwns.
  • The addition of 12 Steam Trading Cards
  • French, German, Spanish and Portuguese language support based on your Steam profile language settings
  • South American servers are live

September 18th DLC Update

The First Major DLC Update, features more character options and two new maps:

  • Shortest Yard – The shipping containers hide a secret, but everyone is more focused on staying alive in this tight close quarters battle map
  • Last Resort – A beautiful beach location that has clearly gone horribly wrong as the OC legion has come to play
  • More Character Skins (To be discovered in game)
  • New Pwns

October 27th DLC Update

This Halloween-themed update marks the release of more content and a new map:

  • Triggermortis – It’s creepy and spooky and a fantastic king of the hill map filled with poisonous plants and plenty of graves
  • More Character Skins (including Pumpkin Jack)
  • New Pwns

November 21st DLC Update

Our fall-themed update with turkey and football and mashed potatoes (not really). To celebrate election season and time with family, we’ll be launching:

  • Painhouse – After another bomb has hit, visit the Painhouse where both sides converge upon this box map with multiple levels to kill from
  • Even More Character Skins (the politically charged Redd the Donkey, Blu the Elephant, and more craziness)
  • New Pwns

December 20th DLC Update

  • To celebrate the holidays, Probetown will feature a snow theme as well as decorations. And, because nothing says holidays like aliens and space, we’ll be celebrating on our favorite asteroid in outer space. This update features:
  • Disasteroids – On a distant space station, you’ll catapult between 3 asteroids while exploring tunnels and a space station on this unique map that further explains the mystery of OC
  • New Character Skins (Santa’s Lil Helper, Sno Brainer and Freezy the Snowman, and more)
  • And of course, new pwns