Sep 29, 2017

Black Day now available on Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

Indie studio, Helios Production, is proud to announce today that their shooter Black Day, is now available on Steam Early Access.

Black Day is an exciting new Shooter, taking players to diverse environments and offering extensive customization options to suit players’ individual play styles.

In Black Day, players will have the choice between several missions in various environments, with customizable settings (Day/Night, equipment, number and types of enemies, difficulty settings), allowing players to enjoy fun stealth action or very challenging mayhem (guns blazing?) missions.

Black Day Key Features :

  • Singleplayer – 4 maps are now available, with more content to be rolled out throughout development.

  • PoV – Switch at will between First person or third person view

  • Unique and open maps –  Travel toward exotic landscape, assault a medieval castle or infiltrate a residential area. Every environment is specific but let you decide the way you want to proceed.

  • Unlimited game experience – Between mission design option and open map, you can play over and over again with unique experience every time.

  • Guns and equipment – With over 20 guns (assault, sniper rifles, handguns…) and a wide range of explosives (EMP, frag, flashbang…), you can adapt your equipment to your gameplay style.

  • Game difficulty customization – Over 20 options allow you to set the difficulty you want (detection, enemy forces, equipment…)

  • Immersive infiltration – Use Recon drone, take cover, climb wall, swim underwater, hide corpses, sneak attack and other actions provide an immersive experience.

  • Various type of enemy – Encounter a wide range of enemies from the simple private to the most advanced spec ops soldier in different factions, as well as  a wide range of enemies support and security system will such as helicopters, robots and turrets

  • Progression system – Every objectives provide experience to unlock new guns and equipment.