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Nov 28, 2017

Crest “Community Update” sees lots of skeletons, lets monuments be built, and get event notifications

From Press Release:

Today Swedish developer Eat Create Sleep released the new Community Update for their indirect god sim Crest. Based on the feedback and wishes from the community, the update focuses on giving the players and the world itself more options to express themselves.

Crest lets you explore the high-concept of religion by building your own. By only communicating with your followers by issuing commandments, Crest offers a unique approach to the classic god game genre. How these commandments are interpreted and remembered, depends on the experiences your followers make and will constantly change. Crest is currently out in Early Access and is set to release Q1 2018.

Today’s release of the community update includes:

  • Monuments: Your followers are now able to build monuments to commemorate you. Each monument consists of three different tiers, each boosting esteem of your followers.
  • Remnants of the world: Slowly degrading ruins, areas paved with skeletons of previous wars or hunting sprees – the world remembers your actions now more visually.
  • Event notifications: A customizable bulletin board informs you about everything that happens in the world to give you a much better overview.
  • Storybuilder: Reminisce over your past playthrough by reading individually built stories of your world’s history.
  • Lots of general improvements on performance & balancing

The whole changelog can be found here. The studio also critically looked at the current flaws of the game and released a detailed post about what will be tackled next and the reasoning for it.

Crest is available via Early Access for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam, Humble, and Green Man Gaming for $10.99 / 10.99€ with a 10% discount during this week.