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Nov 28, 2017

Gang Beasts releasing in full onto Steam and PlayStation 4, December 12th

From Press Release:

Double Fine Presents and Boneloaf today announced Gang Beasts will release on Steam and PlayStation 4 for $19.99 on December 12. The hotly anticipated multiplayer game has been in Steam Early Access, gaining praise and esteem from players all over the world. Players can soon jump into the full game and get ready to beat up opponents for some epic moments and even more laughter.

Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal mêlée fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments set in the fictional metropolis of Beef City. Watch in horror and amusement as gangs of gummy miscreants fight to grab, push, pull, and force their enemies from suspended scaffolds, neglected funfair attractions, and commercial haulage trucks. Gasp with shock and delight at the spectacle of pugnacious thugs punching, kicking, and throwing their foes into hazardous machinery, flaming incinerator pits, and into the path of moving trains.

Gang Beasts will launch with a whole glut of customization options, and with several new modes, including clumsy-yet-brutal 2 vs. 2 soccer matches, and a cooperative mode where up to 4 players battle against waves of thugs. Set to the slick, synth beats of Adam (Doseone) Drucker and Robert (Dirty Bob) Larder, Gang Beasts’ kickbutt soundtrack grooves with every fighting maneuver.