Dec 05, 2017

The Shrouded Isle getting free DLC with the “Sunken Sins” on December 7th

From Press Release:

The Shrouded Isle is getting free DLC and we want to give you exclusive access before it’s out! This ThursdayDecember 7thThe Shrouded Isle: Sunken Sins will be available to all current and future owners of The Shrouded IsleIncluded is an all new Sunken Sins DLC trailer

A mysterious spiritual contagion has reached The Shrouded Isle and players must now lock the infected away in the purification tower and allow the salt water to wash away their sins. But such treatment can have ill effects on the healthy…

The Sunken Sins DLC will feature these major improvements:

  • A revised, more strategic and robust inquiry system and lengthened campaign mode

  • New purification tower game mechanic

  • New art, animations, events, and cinematic ending to find

  • ….Madness…? Or that which this closed society would deem to be so…