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Dec 21, 2017

Osiris: New Dawn sees “The Rise of Zer” in new update

From Press Release:

Independent game developer Fenix Fire Entertainment and Reverb Triple XP announced today that ‘The Rise of Zer’ major content update for the space survival game,Osiris: New Dawn, is now available on Steam. ‘The Rise of Zer’ update adds a host of new features including the attachment system that enables customizable enhancements for each character, added utilities and furniture, and the new planet Zer. The first planet located closest to the star of the Gliese 581 system, the planet Zer features extreme hot environmental dangers, new creature encounters, and valuable minerals to discover and collect.

To celebrate the launch of the ‘Rise of Zer’ update, Osiris: New Dawn is available now for the promotional price of $12.40 (50% discount from S.R.P).

Key features in the ‘Rise of Zer’ update include:

  • New Planet Zer: Existing as the first planet nearest the Gliese 581 star, Zer is an incredibly hot and tidally locked planet.
  • Resources Added: The planet Zer will have two new mineral resources – Cobalt and Zirconium. Collect and refine these resources only found on Zer to discover new materials to craft and use.
  • Five New Creatures: Indigenous to planet Zer are five creatures: Ignepod, Meduzoid, Hell Hound, Cerberus, and the soaring Magma Demon.
  • New Attachment System: 10 unique attachments (with three different tiers) can be equipped to the player’s suit. These include attachments for the helmet to improve oxygen and stamina recharge rate, for the back to increase bonus equipment slots, and on the feet to increase hover height and hover fuel recharge rates.
  • Added Weapon – Cryo Rifle & Cyro Ammo: This new weapon and ammo pack a piercingly cold punch capable of freezing enemies in their place.
  • Utilities and Furniture: Advanced Anti-Personnel Turret, Zshield, Advanced Fabricator, Advanced Chem Station, and Repair Bench have been added.

For the full list of features, please visit the Osiris: New Dawn Steam Page HERE.