Feb 14, 2019

Bannermen new gameplay trailer goes over the tutorial, ahead of February 21st release

From Press Release:

Are you ready for a war? Today Pathos Interactive and 2tainment GmbH have released a brand new gameplay video for their upcoming Real-Time Strategy game, Bannermenin which you shall be introduced to the ways of grand and glorious battle!

This video will introduce new Lords such as yourself to the core mechanics of the game, from controlling your character and recruiting allies, to building up armies and battling evil foes that are invading the land. Bannermen combines classic RTS elements including base-building and resource management, with unique new environmental magic. These special spells allow you to summon lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcano outbursts, and more deadly nature-based effects which not only turn the tide of battle, but can change the face of the game world itself. Bannermen will be available via Steam for Windows PC on February 21.

Bannermen takes place in the realm of Valtoria, a low-fantasy medieval world ravaged by decades of war, starvation, and natural disasters. Players take on the role of Lord Berrian trying to recapture his kingdom’s former glory, finding and rallying bannermen to battle against a host of tribes and the dark Lord Karthor. By utilizing nature powers — a core feature of Bannermen — players can leverage natural phenomena such as lightning strikes to electrocute armies, take advantage of dust storms that limit vision to sneak past enemies, and much more. With a fully story-driven campaign, each mission contains varied gameplay and challenges designed to push the narrative forward. Bannermen also provides online multiplayer modes with matchmaking and ladders.

For more information, please visit the Bannermen website: