Mar 05, 2019

Star Renegades is a 4R tactical strategy roguelite RPG from Massive Damage, being published by Raw Fury

From Press Release:

Star Renegades is a tactical strategy rogue-lite RPG, and that sounds like a lot for a game to have under its hood but it works very seamlessly:

  • Tactical: Turn-based JRPG style combat with no RNG, full transparency of enemy moves
  • Strategy: Overworld exploration and mission objectives
  • Rogue-lite: Players are in a rebellion that spans generations, each run represents an attempted rebellion and they earn meta points to unlock characters, blueprints, base upgrades, research, and more. Combined with the procedurally-generated overland maps for each planet, this allows each rebellion run to feel very different.
  • RPG: Renegades gain skills as they level up, unique equipment system allows you to change their tactics and synergies in combat, relations between characters can unlock combos as well as character meta-unlocks for future playthroughs

Resist. Reclaim. Revive. Repeat.

Steam page: