Apr 02, 2019

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a new puzzle adventure game coming in Spring 2020 after Kickstarter

From Press Release:

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, 2 APRIL 2019 – Alien Pixel Studios today reveal their upcoming puzzle-adventure, Unbound: Worlds Apart, in an atmospheric trailer that showcases the game’s gorgeous and evocative world and its unique dimension-shifting mechanics.

Unbound: Worlds Apart invites players to take on the role of Soli, conjuring magic portals to travel between different realities in order to learn more about the catastrophe that ravaged his world. Inside certain portals, the laws of physics and abilities of the character can change, opening up new and inventive ways to progress.

As Soli discovers more about the fate that befell this world, players will explore a stunning hand-crafted world and explore a dark fairytale that begs to be unravelled.

The game is already taking shape and an early demo is expected to be released later in the Spring. To help give the game its all-important finishing touches, Alien Pixel Studios are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign on 7th May – and those who back the project early will receive exclusive early access to the demo.

Olga Ciob, Art Director on Unbound, said: “Unbound is a game in which you not only explore a beautiful world and solve environmental puzzles, but also have a number of different mechanics and changeable behaviours that you’ll need to learn, adapt to, and use to progress through the story. You’ll always have an alternative world available to you by opening a portal. But there’s an element of risk and reward, as you never know what will be lurking on the other side.”

Game Designer Sergiu Craitoiu added: “In June 2018, we quit our jobs and began developing Unbound full time. Because the game is shaping up nicely and the project grew up to be more than just a ‘spare time gig’, we found ourselves in need of funds to continue the development without having to compromise on the quality or the content of our vision. Bringing Unbound to Kickstarter will not only give us a possibility to finance the development of the game, but it will also keep us on our toes and ensure we are committed to our community. We see it as a promise to our players to deliver the best game we possibly can next year.”

Interested players can already wishlist the game on Steam, join the Discord server, and follow Alien Pixel Studios on Twitter.

Unbound: Worlds Apart will release for PC via Steam in Spring 2020.