Apr 04, 2019

Cats Fly Helicopters is Flippfly’s next game, and it looks wonderful

From Press Release:

Cats Fly Helicopters is about creatively completing jobs with your homebuilt helicopters in a quirky simulated city of cats. Upgrade your gear while you meet the needs of residents – but try not to make a mess along the way.

Play as an enterprising young cat from an odd family of scrap collectors. Build and upgrade helicopters to take on a wide variety jobs in an open physics playground. Master the art of flight while completing challenges like:

  • Fighting fires
  • Delivering pizzas
  • Completing paper routes
  • Finishing race courses
  • Collecting and recycling scrap
  • Catching fish
  • Starting water balloon fights
  • Hauling stuff around town with a hoist
  • Taxiing passengers
  • Flying medevac missions
  • Looking for lost cats
  • Bowling
  • Disc Golf
  • Starting dance parties
  • Developing your trampoline skills

You can read more about the game here, including info on how to get into the beta tests:

And if you’d like to wishlist it on Steam, you can do that here: