May 07, 2019

Road to Guangdong, the story-based road trip game set in China comes to Steam Early Access on June 6th, new gameplay trailer released

From Press Release:

Banbury, Oxfordshire – 7 May 2019 – Ahead of Road to Guangdong’s PC Early Access launch on 6th June 2019, and an Xbox One launch in late 2019, Excalibur and Just Add Oil Games have released a brand new gameplay trailer.

Click here to watch the video, which debuts all new gameplay footage of the game’s driving, repairing, maintaining and trading elements – all crucial to the Road to Guangdong experience

As well as driving across Guangdong to rekindle family relationships, players can look forward to getting their hands dirty. Namely, getting out of their rickety, aging car to refuel, change tyres, replace oil filters, fan belts and more.