May 29, 2019

Road to Guangdong, the road trip game set in 1990s China is a week away, launch trailer released

From Press Release:

Banbury, Oxfordshire – 29th May 2019 – Releasing in just over one week’s time, on 6 June, Road to Guangdong has revealed its launch trailer. The brand new trailer establishes the game’s core driving and repairing gameplay while also hinting at the fascinating relationship between staring characters Sunny and Guu Ma as they embark on an epic road trip across 1990s China.

As the launch trailer shows, players can look forward to jumping behind the wheel, exploring Guangdong, and getting their hands dirty in order to repair the beloved family car, ‘Sandy’.

About Road to Guangdong
Your family’s cherished restaurant is struggling and it’s down to you to ride to the rescue. But your trusty old car, Sandy, won’t survive the road trip without your expertise behind the wheel.

Only a steady hand and a sharp eye will ensure she makes it to your destination. So slip into the driving seat and buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime, set against the beautiful backdrop of 1990s Guangdong.

Only by keeping tabs on your fuel consumption, tyre wear and engine condition will you keep Sandy purring as you travel across the wide expanses of China’s most populous region in search of help. The road ahead is long and it’s going to take more than careful driving to keep Sandy on the move. The only way you’ll ensure she has everything she needs to complete your mission is by taking regular checks under the bonnet. Keep the mechanics away by topping up oil and fuel levels and repairing and replacing worn out parts, from oil filters to fan belts.

As Sunny, a young art graduate and recent inheritor of the struggling family restaurant, you join your Aunt Guu Ma on a mission to revive the once-thriving business. Separated by generations, your relationship with your ageing aunt will be truly tested as your road trip turns into a journey of discovery.

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