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Jun 04, 2019

Weedcraft Inc receives FREE Heat Wave storyline DLC, base game discounted on Steam and GOG

From Press Release:

AUSTIN – JUNE 4, 2019 – Developer Vile Monarch and the munchie-struck sidekicks at Devolver Digital today released a new narratively-driven DLC scenario for Weedcraft Inc, the business tycoon game which delves into one of the country’s most prominent social topics in legalization. Weedcraft Inc owners can now roll up the “Heat Wave” DLC via a free update on Steam and GOG.

Heat Wave finds Celia Hernandez, daughter to an immigrant who grew weed to provide for his family after being denied a work permit, struggling to make her late father’s business practices viable in an ever-shifting market. Faced with marijuana’s recent legalization, Celia searches for a way to stay profitable while appeasing stoners’ changing tastes, outwitting wealthy corporate competitors, and enduring pressure from her family to stick to their business’ traditional practices.

The new update also introduces a few quality of life improvements as requested by Weedcraft Inc’s community of growers, including additional music, reworked interfaces, the option to skip conversations, and general refinements to streamline gameplay.

Weedcraft Inc’s scenarios test the business sense and green thumb of players in distinctive storylines, challenging them to outgrow competitors in varied markets which realistically mirror the hurdles U.S. growers and smokers face in the nation’s different regions. Knowing which strains to grow, how to balance budgets, and when to play fair with rivals is all part of the experience. Whether it’s leading an aspiring basement startup or a sprawling operation, entrepreneurs need street smarts and an unbeatable product to lead this incredibly dynamic industry.

For the latest on Weedcraft Inc, take a hit of the game’s official website ( and keep the high going with microdoses of its social pages on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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