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Oct 16, 2019

Gears 5 “Operation 1” update brings new Heroes & Villains to the multiplayer modes

From Press Release:

It’s been just over a month since Gears 5 celebrated its worldwide launch with Xbox Game Pass, and today we’re evolving your Gears 5 multiplayer experience with four new characters: the COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden and General RAAM, the ruthless Locust military leader. Every character added to Gears 5 will feature powerful multiplayer abilities to master. These new Heroes and Villains are available today and can be earned through gameplay or purchased in the in-game store.

This update also brings two new characters from Terminator Dark Fate into Gears 5 multiplayer: Grace, featuring the voice of actress Mackenzie Davis, and the deadly new Terminator model Rev-9. Grace and Rev-9 join the previously released T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah, voiced by none other than Linda Hamilton, in anticipation of the film’s worldwide theatrical release on November 1.

These new characters will certainly make their presence known on the battlefield. Each one brings powerful abilities to Versus Arcade to suit your playstyle; so whether your style favors the aggression of RAAM, the tactical advantage of the DeeBees or Grace’s explosive skillset, each new character offers a different way to flex your competitive muscle. In Escape and Horde, both the COG Gear and Grace bring new abilities and cards that will change how you build your team.

The COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden or RAAM are earnable through gameplay or available for purchase for 500 Iron each. Terminator Dark Fate are available together as a character pack for $19.99 USD; and if you didn’t get Sarah Connor (voiced by the legendary Linda Hamilton) and the T-800 Endoskeleton already, you can purchase them as a character pack for $19.99 USD as well. All characters will be available at 12:00 p.m. PT today.

See below for a full breakdown of the new heroes and their abilities:

COG Soldier

A trained soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments is known as a Gear. After they’ve completed their extensive training, they must pledge “…I shall hold my place in the machine and acknowledge my place in the Coalition. I am a Gear.”

  • Horde & Escape Abilities (Support Role)
    • Ultimate  ‘Team Revive’ Instantly revive yourself and any ally in your team which are down, but not out
    • Passive – Enemies that die with your mark reduce the cooldown on your Ultimate
  • Versus Arcade Abilities
    • Loadout – Lancer, Auto Pistol, Smoke Grenade
    • Passive – Kills reward supply of Active Reload ammo to current weapon (0.5 multiplied by the clip size of the weapon)
    • Bounty – Multi-kills reward +1 skull (six-second window frame)


From construction and civil service to all manner of military applications, DeeBee automation has fundamentally transformed COG society.

  • Versus Arcade Abilities
    • Loadout – Lancer, Auto Pistol, Smoke Grenade
    • Passive – Short range X-Ray vision through walls
    • Bounty – Execution kills award +1 skulls

General RAAM

General RAAM rose to command the Locust military through incomparable cunning and ruthlessness. In the name of Queen and Horde, RAAM and his blights marched resolute to conquer the surface of Sera – and nearly succeeded.

  • Versus Arcade Abilities
    • Loadout – Lancer, Auto Pistol, Smoke Grenade
    • Passive Ability – Kills reward supply of Active Reload ammo to current weapon (0.5 multiplied by the clip size of the weapon)
    • Bounty – Multi-kills reward +1 skull (six-second window frame)


A Warden is a Scion of immense size and strength, adorned with capes and helmets that evoke the raiment of elite Locust Guards. These intimidating foes were likely once high-ranking members of Myrrah’s army.

  • Versus Arcade Abilities
    • Loadout: Lancer, Auto Pistol, Smoke Grenade
    • Passive: X-Ray vision through walls (1500 Unreal units/49 feet)
    • Bounty: Execution kill rewards +1 skulls

See below for a full breakdown of the new characters and their abilities:


  • Horde & Escape Abilities (Tank Role)
    • Ultimate – ‘Enhanced Melee’ – All melee hits will knockback and stun enemies
    • Passive – Taking damage reduces Ultimate cooldown time
  • Versus Arcade Abilities
    • Loadout – Enforcer, Snub, Flashbang
    • Passive – 75% Explosive resistance
    • Bounty – Explosive Kills +1 skull

Rev- 9

  • Bounty – Multi Kills +1 skull

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for new Escape Hives, seasonal multiplayer events and new customization rewards to earn through Versus, Horde and Escape. If you haven’t already, be sure to unlock WWE Superstar Batista in multiplayer simply by playing any version of Gears 5 before October 28, either with Xbox Game Pass, on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or Steam.

For more information on Gears 5 and the Gears franchise, stay tuned to Xbox Wire or follow Gears on Twitter @gearsofwar.