Oct 24, 2019

Vortex Attack EX is coming to Switch and PC on October 24th with a ton of enhancements

From Press Release:

Put on your pilot suit and strap that helmet on! Get ready to defend the galaxy in Nintendo Switch and PC on the 24th October!

Earth is in danger – wormholes are appearing all around it, and alien enemy ships are swarming out of them. Several colonies have already been destroyed. It’s up to you to lead the offense against these black holes. Destroy your enemies, collect their ‘lumergy’ (as white triangles) to reverse the black holes’ dark energy and destroy them!

A throng of Steam players has been really addicted to the first Vortex Attack, investing countless hours in it – some of them, over 150h! Steam’s original version has 90% positive reviews, yet the new version “EX” is going to improve it in every sense. Players’ feedback has proven invaluable to design those improvements. Now players can have a blast immediately in Vortex Attack EX, and so can you. This will only happen if you play to unlock a ship and play with it. It’ll only take 5 minutes. As a bonus: Vortex Attack EX has been designed with all skill levels in mind.

Vortex Attack EX is being released for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on the 24th October 2019, with huge graphic, sound, UX and gameplay enhancements over the original game.

Vortex Attack EX has been designed to play against friends – lore is secondary. Beating the game or beating each others’ hi-scores in local / worldwide leaderboards is what the game is all about.

Playing with friends is a delight! Many an evening will be spent together, trying to beat the game, unlocking new ships (19 different unlocks) and 16 visual styles. There is a lot of replayability through varying characteristics for different ships and different visual styles – the game can change dramatically! Picking the right ship for your skill level and then matching it to your friends’ in coop modes will keep you testing choices for a long time.

Fight the enemy swarms on your own or alongside one or two friends and destroy the vortices! The space is full of enemy ships!

9.99€ / 9.99US$ / £8.99 / …
Digital Download from 
24th of October 2019 :
– Steam Windows PC (-20% OFF!) [Link to Steam]
– Nintendo Switch eShop (NOA,NOE,AU,NZ) (-20% OFF!) [Link to Nintendo NOA]
– Nintendo Switch eShop NOJ (coming soon, distributed by EastAsiaSoft)